Methods and concepts of designing for an online experience, including a working knowledge of markup and stylesheet languages, image optimization, file organization, information architecture, and usability.

T/TH 8-11am


Class is cancelled today, but there is still work to do:

Review the CSS Styling slide deck and Exercise 2 outline from below. We will not be devoting time later to discuss visual design in detail, so I encourage you to do your own study and discover best practices for applying design elements and principles to the web. I also strongly recommend that you spend time orienting yourself with InVision.

Throughout the morning, I will be updating our schedule accordingly and providing additional resources, so keep checking back. Expect lectures, demos, etc., to be significantly abbreviated next Tuesday in order to get back on schedule.

Exercise 2 deadline will remain as next time, Tuesday, January 21. Also, by next time you should have completed documenting the Audit, Define, and Design portions of your Process Steps. Prepare a PDF that illustrates your work on these three steps to this point, and send to me via email to before next class.

Again, keep checking back here for updates. Throughout the day and weekend I will be providing you with updates and resources that will help get us back on track next week.

Note: Although office hours are obviously cancelled for today, they are still on for tomorrow (9am-10:30am), pending another cancellation by the university.

  • P1 Process: Design

*This schedule is subject to change. Students are responsible for remaining updated.