jasonJason Olsen is a UX Designer from Bellingham, Washington, where he lives with his wife and son. A graduate of Western Washington University’s design program, during his time there he also sought out other areas of interest for study including computer science, copywriting and photography in the desire to be a versatile designer in all areas of user experience and interaction. He has designed and developed multiple websites and has designed products for the cycling industry. His interests are wide-spread, with design work ranging from digital (mobile application) and analog (fiction novel book covers) applications. He is currently working freelance on a grant project for the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) developing mentoring modules. These modules will serve as orientation for experienced teachers to more successfully guide novice teachers. Responsibilities include ideation and creation of graphic assets, including whiteboard animations that present the core information to the mentoring teacher. Outside of design, he enjoys spending time with his family, volunteer work, and mountain biking.


User Experience

Products are measured by how they work when all goes wrong. My work is focused on how to fix it before it breaks, so that users are ensured the best experience possible.


I have spent the last 17 years building companies for myself and others. It’s a labor of love, and every opportunity is a chance to make something great.


Great products need even better packaging. It’s the way you get noticed and stand out from your competition.


The power of imagery is indisputable. Content is king, but the influence and efficiency of visual storytelling is the crown.

Branding & Identity

Your brand is your promise, so I take special care in developing an identity that is consistent with your company mission and philosophy.

Web Development

Whether informational or e-commerce, I can build your website to achieve your company goals.

SEO Optimization

Not only do you need a website, but you need one that gets noticed. I can help make your site more accessible to the search engines, and increase traffic to your site.

Content Management

Great marketing starts with content, and I can help create impactful marketing copy that gets results.

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