Upcycle Fashion

Tred was created from the desire and need to produce quality footwear from 100% upcycled materials. Inspired by companies with a similar model, Tred creates quality sandals using nothing but collected and recycled freeway waste. The goal with this project was to create such a product, then brand the company and create the necessary packaging assets for retail sale.

The target end-user demographic includes people from 19-42 who are conscientious about their impact on the environment. This audience appreciates new and interesting fashion, and are willing to pay appropriate prices for an upcycled item if it contains quality.


The product form had been established, so I turned my attention to the packaging. One of the things that interested me with flip-flops is that often the product is a key component of the packaging presentation. Many examples, especially the one I purchased as a template, lack impact on the retail floor. My goal was to remedy this with this packaging.

I learned in my research that my target demographic is willing to pay for upcycled products of quality, so my goal was to have my packaging reflect a $40 price-point. My logo ideations were inspired by the recycle emblem and various forms of tire tread. The resultant logo ended up being a combination of both.

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