Sweet Meat

Save Sweetie

This humorous and ironic tale of an adolescent and his love of a pet pig, Sweetie. Jonnie, the son of a pig farmer develops a secret bond with one of the runts of a litter in his father’s commercial farrowing house. He keeps the secret under wraps until the pig starts following him around the yard and eventually busts loose and tracks him to school. His affection turns frantic and he realizes that Sweetie is destined to become bacon if he doesn’t do something quickly.


I felt early that the cover needed to portray the comedy within the conflict. Perhaps the result of Sweetie’s seemingly inevitable fate, or maybe the conflict with the father instead. I see the main conflict being one-directional, with the father set in his ways and Sweetie sitting there in mud and slop with a smile on her face. In the meantime, Jonnie is in the background chewing his fingernails, wondering and hoping that Sweetie will be okay.


Exploring this conflict, and the people and other potential elements involved. A direct portrayal of the father-Sweetie conflict seems appropriate, but perhaps making light of the potential end-result could highlight the lighthearted, comedic tone of the story.


I knew that I wanted the cover to be playful, but not like a children’s book. Modifying some photography seemed like the best of both worlds.

Cover Layout


Marketing Research

I wanted to tug at the heartstrings of the viewer with the paraxial alignment of two competing visuals. This love-death contrast is meant to catch the attention of the viewer, and immediately get them invested in the story.

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