Always On Duty

MPURVIOUS has been offering ballistic gear to military personnel and contractors for 3 years, but now wants to also target law enforcement and civilian customers with their new product line. MPURVIOUS wants a new brand identity to support this new company direction, and a new e-commerce website that is unique and effective in the marketplace.

Military Power

The military community is equal to over 30 million consumers, including active duty personnel, their spouses and dependents, veterans, reservists, civilian employees, and National Guard. They hold a purchasing power of over $1 trillion annually.

Saying Thank You

Reaching the military community is simple and straight-forward. Consumers expect an online message to be relevant and genuine. Generally, a relevant military message is as simple as (1) saying “thank you” and (2) offering a military discount (minimum 10%). Beyond the military, civilian consumers value companies who offer acknowledgment and discounts to service members.


Most websites within the industry practice the WAI-ARIA user agent standards for accessible rich internet applications, but opportunities still exist, and can separate MPURVIOUS from its competition on two levels. Firstly, by implementing these standards and making the web presence accessible to all users, assurance is gained in reaching all users within the target audience, including service members with disabilities. And secondly, this practice will also increase the potential for search engine relevance.

Making A Mark

The brand identity process began with ideation for the logo. Inspiration was born from gladiators, military personnel, and tactical weapons, all influences on the MPURVIOUS name. Identity potential included exploring graphic, typography, and combination mark solutions.

Final logo

Brand Standards

A brand standards guide was created to insure consistent branding across all media and manufactured apparel. This 16-page document served not only as a guide for graphic consistency, but also acted as a spirit piece for internal acceptance of the new MPURVIOUS brand.


Inclusive web strategy involves repetition and comprehensive ideation, all leading toward an optimum solution that solves all requirements. My process for development started with competitor and user research, and considering user flows, three wireframe options were created supporting my conclusions.


My three wireframe options were extended into design compositions, each having a particular focus in aesthetic and functionality.

Going Live

The final design composition was a mashup of the best elements of the three initial design compositions. Key elements include the sticky vertical navigation, duty focus with service appreciation, and a dominant e-commerce emphasis.

Be the Shield

Project completion provided MPURVIOUS with a new visual identity, web presence, and brand assets to be used for print and digital media, as well as apparel design and manufacturing. The Shield logo is the face of the organization, and will be distinguishable among their competition.


The main obstacle of this project was designing for such a wide audience. Military and law enforcement was the primary focus, but care had to be taken extending the brand into also the civilian market, risking the potential for alienating this important group. This was remedied during the research phase, when it was determined that a duty focused website was appropriate when targeting a patriot-minded civilian demographic.


To stand out, you don’t need to reinvent. You just need to develop the details better than your competitition.

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