An Undeniable Market

Cycling in the US is on the rise. The number of frequent cyclists has increased 12 percent over the last decade. The industry in the U.S. is $6.1 billion strong, and an astonishing $44.3 billion globally. In the Netherlands alone, 36 percent of the population uses the bicycle as their primary form of transportation.

Our Customers

Our goal is to harness and store the energy created by the bicycle. Our customers are avid cyclists. They tour long distances across mountain and desert highways. They race on the road and on the trail. They are adventurous. They are active and health conscious. They are aware of their impact on the environment. And they love their gear.

Why Cranq?

It makes your bicycle a power source, able to charge devices when availability to power is limited. If your bike is moving, it’s working. It breeds confidence. It’s lightweight and efficient. It holds no wait time. Oh yeah, and it’s eco-friendly.

“Every year, my friends and I go on a touring trip. We have biked Utah, South Dakota, and last year we were in Guatamala. This year we are riding the Cascade Pass in Washington from Sedro Woolley to Wintrop.”

Amy is traveling through the Cascade Mountains via Highway 20, and riding an average of 45 miles per day. Devices she carries that require a charge include: a fitness watch, cycle computer, smartphone, lighting, and a tent lamp. Her biggest challenge on this route is dealing with limited access to power for her charging her devices. Towns are few and far between, so not only is access to power limited, the wait time detracts from the experience. Amy carries a battery powered powerbank for use when power is unavailable, but it requires batteries. Lots of batteries. And batteries are heavy.

She wishes she had a better option. One that was less impactful on the environment. She needs a reliable, on-demand power source that is lightweight, offers no resistance, and is less harmful to the environment. Cranq captures the energy created by a moving bicycle. With Cranq, your bike is your charge.

Cranq uses magnetic induction, or the energy created from spinning magnets, to power your favorite devices on and off the bike. This power is then stored in a portable battery, or Cranq Bank, that can be used for devices away from your ride. Easy to setup and use. Your ride is your charge.

Making A Prototype

The research led towards development of a prototype, which allowed testing of how users would perform the initial setup. Surprise! It was found that some people don’t read directions. A complete view of the bike is needed with overall locations of components included. Orientation of the bike is also important, so clarification of the bike orientation during install was also clarified.

During the process it was found that the demand exists, the technology is available, and the market is ready. Next steps include finalizing the form, and targeting both recreational and international cyclists.

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