Some people literally put their pants on one leg at a time, it’s by design. At least that’s what the people at Pant Alone are counting on. The status of this company is up in the air since the failure of their Kickstarter campaign to achieve the necessary funding. Actually, it was an epic failure by crowdfunding standards, with only 33 backers contributing just under $3,000 of the $150,000 target. This setback aside, I feel there is something to this idea. Their marketing was fun, faux-pretentious, and tongue-and-cheek, and the products themselves looked of high quality and are undeniably unique. So why the lack of support, yo? I reached out to Pant Alone and told them I wanted to help out, but heard nothing back. So I forged on and created for them a new identity inspired by their Kickstarter backer packages. I may not hear back, but at least I learned how to sew.

So I got started, exploring words and forms, trying to find something that stuck. I prefer to use pen and paper to get my ideas in order before moving to the digital format.

I initially made a rough prototype of the packaging form before utilizing the elements I wanted to include in the final packaging. Kraft paper and some representation of clothing. Originally I wanted to include a zipper in the packaging, but I felt that simply sewing the paper would satisfy my clothing connection desire, and the subtlety was a nice addition. But first, I needed to learn how to sew. YouTube and about 2 hours of learning and experimentation was enough to press on.

The final packaging would still need refinements, but I was satisfied with the overall look and feel of the new Pant Alone identity.

But the packaging was not enough. Every company needs a new hip, e-commerce website, right?

I decided to take this project on because I was inspired by what the people of Pant Alone are trying to do. They are challenging our expectations, and when you do that you often fail miserably, and it’s common to do so repeatedly until you catch on. It may only take a tweak here, or a tweak there, but I’m confident this isn’t the last time we will hear about Pant Alone.