Lately I have been exploring writing in different forms, so podcasting was a natural avenue to explore. I had always viewed podcasting as more informational, like an audio reference book, but podcasts today come in a variety of effective styles. Some are informative, others more entertaining, and the rest fall somewhere in between. Podcasts like 99% Invisible, Benjamen Walker’s Theory of Everything, and Love + Radio heavily influenced my approach of this first installment, which I found deeply rewarding and inspiring as I converted visual design sensitivities into auditory exploration. Podcasting is a wonderful blend of writing and tech, and putting it all together was a wonderful lesson in design of a different sort.

HE1 focuses on the human element, particularly in music, and was inspired by something Foo Fighters’ frontman Dave Grohl said at the Grammy’s a few years back. My recent exposure to electronic music was the contrasting point, and my early approach was consistent with Dave’s message. But through research, writing, and more research, I found myself making a case contrary to Dave’s position, and finding myself as a new fan of the genre. Flip-flopping aside, I still prefer the hard rock melodies of my favorite Nirvana drummer.