Mind. Blown.

I am not sure what I expected to get out of it. But the twenty-one days I spent nerding-out on art and design in Germany and Switzerland changed me forever. I was surrounded by young, eager minds and over 100 years of design history and inspiration. Betahaus, Teufelsberg, Bauhaus, and the Gutenberg bible were the highlights, but I still think about the little stuff, the details. I think about the small print production company Node, the magnitude in the ‘lost’ at the Holocaust Memorial, Gestalten, beers after riding my bike on the airstrip at Templehof, and so on. The experience was just epic. It was almost a year ago, yet I am still there.

During the process I was tasked with documenting the experience with video. Armed with my Canon 5D M3 and a GoPro, me and the others documented the experience from beginning to end. Then upon our return, I edited the footage into this final result, which just recently was recognized as an 2016 AHECTA SPA Honorable Mention. More information about the experience can be seen at the WWU Study Abroad website.